Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can Pigs Sing?

Today’s topic is stubborn people and the “hard sell”. I ran into this issue with my cousin. I wasn’t trying to sell him anything. He was determined to hire a person for a service. He needs to raise some money for a very good cause but his problem is coming up with the money to hire this person. So I asked him how if this person would delay taking payment of services until the night of the actual event. He said they would not. I asked him if he had asked the person about it and he only said he knows that they won’t because of previous deals this person did with other people. I tried to explain to him that these were a totally different set of circumstances and that maybe if presented properly it would make a difference. He strongly insisted that he already knew what would be said. I, of course, countered with the fact that you really never know until you try. He insisted on relying on what other people say instead of talking to the actual service provider. I eventually dropped the conversation to avoid a deeper confrontation. This made me a little upset because he is usually more rational and a much better thinker. This is an instance where he let his emotions and other people make his decision for him even though deep down he knew I was right. He, if taken my advice, could have possibly saved some money or worked with the individual to ultimately get the task done. Instead he chose to keep stressing out over “getting this money”.
That fact made me think about people who are adamant about not doing something even though the possibility of something better makes great sense. They may have various reasons or excuses for not seizing the opportunity. The fact of the matter is plain and simple. For some odd reason they don’t want to listen. This reminds me of something I read in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing. He says “I have on a wall…Don’t teach pigs to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pigs.” That makes me think of all those people who claim they want something better in life but when presented the fight tooth and nail. No matter how much since it makes they just won’t listen. Many ambitious network marketer have ran across this. Even people with a traditional business that they want to make a family member or friend a part of have ran across this problem. Sometimes you end up wasting precious time trying to “teach pigs to sing”. That time can be put to use mentoring someone who wants to “sing” or building your business empire. So today’s questions are:
Are you a pig? Are you wasting time trying to teach a pig to sing?
Think about it. Until next time be blessed and grow rich.

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