Friday, May 23, 2008

My Life As An Employee

I was thinking about my current status at work one day, and I realized that I was an “E Quadrant” person. For those of you who do not know what that means, I am an employee. That’s the worse place to be in the cash flow quadrant. It was a little disheartening until I realized that I was a “different” type of E quadrant person. Yes, I work 12 hours a day sometimes. Yes, I am working hard to make someone else rich. Yes, I hate my physically demanding job. Yes, anyone can do it (hell, you don’t need a GED to work there). The only thing good about my job in my opinion is that I get a steady source of income to invest with (even though it’s a very small amount) and the fact that I can have time to think. It’s not a mentally demanding job. My mind has time to work after about the first hour once I get into a rhythm. I actually think about what I want to blog about at work! But what does make me different from my co-workers is that I am taking time to not only put aside money to invest, I am also investing in financial education with books and taking time to attend seminars when I can.
Man, I work HARD! But I am also working hard for the day that I no longer have to work there. This is very important. What make this even more important the fact that one of the major companies that my company supplies may be sold. That puts my job in jeopardy because I run a machine that produces parts for this company. Luckily, I had already started my financial education well before I learned this fact. Now, I kind of feel sorry for those who may be laid off. They will probably have to find other employment (which shouldn’t be too hard because there’s new businesses going up as I type). When I got the news that this would be a possibility I felt like I was one of them for 2 seconds. Once I calmed I realized I was in a slightly better position than they were. This is where my mind started to seek a solution to a possible problem.
To solve my problem I decided to take a two prong attack. I will enter the B quadrant (big business) for sure with a network marketing company. I will also enter the S quadrant (specialist or small business), hopefully before my job is in real jeopardy. If I have to find another job, I will, but I will continue on the path to enter the S quadrant. How? I want to learn how to be a personal trainer. My reasoning is 3 fold. First, it will give me the freedom to make my own schedule. Second, I will be able to command a better return on my time than $8 an hour. Third, and most importantly, it will get experience in motivating people. This, coupled with network marketing, will give me an edge in business later on. That’s a return on time that I cannot calculate right now but I can see it will be exponential.
As more and more jobs are becoming less secure and pay for physical labor is shrinking because of jobs being shipped across seas, financial knowledge has become more than important. As a matter of fact, financial education and knowledge is becoming mandatory. Physical labor is rapidly becoming obsolete. So my question to you is this:
What are you doing to become financially knowledgeable? If you aren’t doing anything, you will soon become obsolete. Then what will you do? Think about it. Until next time, be blessed and grow rich.

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