Saturday, May 24, 2008

Overselling: Marketing Phenomenon?

I’ve been exploring ways to increase my financial knowledge and cash flow for a few years now. During my quest I’ve gone to “opportunity meetings” with a few network marketing companies, listened to sales pitches for others and more recently viewed some videos about others and various other avenues to make money. I especially like the “x number of days challenge to get rich”. They usually last from 30 to 100 days. To me that sounds like get rich quick stuff when it only takes you a little under or over 90 days. I don’t want that kind of wealth, I want long term residual wealth. But, I digress. My topic today is the same sales pitch I’ve heard. Generally not the exact same but there are a few similarities.
Some of the things I see over and over again make me question the sincerity of the speaker. I know that a lot of sponsors in people’s up line preach duplication. That’s very important but I don’t think you should become a carbon copy. That just makes me think that you are not genuine about your product or service. Everyone is the same yet different. I mean, yes we are all human beings, many of us speak the same language but not in the same manner or infliction. So when I can close my eyes and listen to a pitch and it sounds like one I’ve heard with a different voice I’m not really inclined to listen too hard. Some of things that make me wonder are: “I’m soooo excited!”, over and over again; “That’s craaaazy right?”; and this over the top enthusiasm that just doesn’t quite seem to fit the person I’m hearing it from. I don’t feel like this person wants to genuinely help me, they just want my money. I’m being “oversold”.
One other thing that bothers me is all the “flashers” on the internet. “Flashers” are those people who show you videos or pictures of money or checks fanned out. From some things I’ve seen and/or read, people with truly long lasting wealth don’t flash their cash. You can just tell they are well off by their lifestyle. Another thing that bothers me with “flashers” is that they remind me of drug dealers. I mean, I grew up in neighborhood with a lot of this kind of thing. These guys would pull up in a fancy car and flash a lot of money. They only impressed people without a true understanding of wealth and shallow women. Then they would drive back home to a raggedy house or the projects. To me that doesn’t make much sense. Just like they attracted shallow women, their wealth was shallow. They had fast money the never lasted long. They always had to repeat whatever they did just to replace the money they spent. Never did they invest in things that would make money without them having to work for it. Many of these individuals ended up dead, or in jail or broke, right back where they started. Fools and their money are soon departed.
The lesson in all of this is chose your means of making money wisely and if you do have an “opportunity” to share with someone, be genuine about it. No one likes to be sold, honestly. Majority of people shut down at the first sign of a sales pitch. You have to make people feel as though you truly care about offering this opportunity. Then you will find the people who will truly make your organization profitable and strong. The result is true, stable wealth. So my question to you is:
Are you selling or sharing? If you genuinely share the selling takes care of itself.
Well, that’s all for now. Until next time be blessed and grow rich.

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