Monday, May 5, 2008

Reverend Run and Donald Trump

I was watching TV the other day and I seen an episode of Run's House. Now for those of you who may not know or have seen it this is a reality TV show based on the family life of Reverend Run of the group RUN D.M.C.. It's not just another show shamelessly exploiting people's family life for the entertainment value. There's always a lesson at the end of the show based on what happened on the screen. Now the interesting thing is that I am a very detail oriented person and as a consequence I tend to notice the little things. So as I was watching, Rev. Run was having a discussion with his wife and I noticed something. Rev. Run was reading a Donald Trump book entitled The Way to The Top. Why is that interesting, right? It's just a book and lots of people read, right? Well, while that may be true there's more than meets the eye.
Once again, if you don't know about Reverend Run (google him) I'll just tell you right now that he is a millionaire, if not billionaire. He's own's a few businesses and earns royalty income from his music. He is basically made as far as money is concerned. His daily driver is a Bentley. So he may not seem like the type of guy who really needs advice on making money or life, right? I mean, he does have his own webpage with a blog full of positive advice. So he has nothing more to learn, right? Wrong. It seems he believes that you can never stop learning. No matter how much or how little money you are earning you can always learn things. It doesn't matter if it's about how to make money or how to be a better more efficient person. That's a little food for thought don't you think? I certainly do.
That brings me back to me, my blog and basically life in general. I hear about and see a lot of people who claim to know it all or at least think they do. Most of the time they don't however. I listen and learn from everyone, now matter how old or young, rookie or veteran in the field of money. People are different so you may learn something from another perspective. I've sometimes found that another person's ignorance sheds some light on some things for me. I always listen to the good and the bad and learn from both. Heck, if you never know what b.s. looks or smells like you're bound to step in it, right? This is just some food for thought. My question to you is: Have you stopped learning? If you have, how far do you expect to get? Well, this is the end for now. Until the next time be blessed and grow rich.

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